SRC THAILAND’s expertise in CRASH BAR manufacturing and development has established us as one of the most prominent CRASH BAR exporters in Thailand and Southeast Asia, and we are particularly known for our innovative products, designed by our dedicated team of engineers. SRC THAILAND places extra emphasis on our R&D department in terms of personnel selection, instruments, and state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, to ensure that our highly efficient protection systems are worth your investment.


The company places importance on the research and development department (R&D) in terms of personnel, tools, and budget to create innovations or new technologies.


Snowface Co., Ltd. is a factory . We were established in June, 2006 with the main purpose of support production in the industry manufacturing. We are ready to improve, solve problems and develop the production line system. With technology and design team, both electrical programmers and mechanical designer, writing drawings, producing work pieces according to the assembly, installation, testing, work and training minister maintenance and automation machine. Including after-sales service by a professional team.