SRC - Thailand was established in April, 2017 with the main purpose of designing and manufacturing high quality motorcycle accessories.We also engage with our customers and are happy to liaise on designs of accessories for large touring and adventure motorcycles providing a customised service if required. Our aim is to equip our customers and adventure riders to ride in tough conditions with the most appropriate equipment to cope with the most extreme terrain.


Part No. KTM390-17-02
USD 477.05
Incl. 7% VAT
Excl. Shipping

CrashBar For KTM 390 ADVENTURE / Black Color

Part No. KTM390-04-01
USD 198.775
Incl. 7% VAT
Excl. Shipping

Top Rack KTM 390 ADVENTURE / Black Color

Part No. H-X-ADV-21-17-03
USD 514.9
Incl. 7% VAT
Excl. Shipping

CrashBar แคชบาร์ (Low) Honda X-ADV 750 2021 / Black Color

Part No. H-CRF450RL-09-01-AL
USD 157.875
Incl. 7% VAT
Excl. Shipping

Engine Guard For Honda CRF 450 RL / Silver Color

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    We believe that our love and passion for adventure riding, makes a difference in our products. We use carefully selected materials to design and make our motorcycle accessories.

    We also have long and broad experience in the engineering and manufacturing of metal parts and equipment for the automotive industry, which is why SRC products are widely used in Thailand even though we are a relatively new business..

    Every day, we strive to fulfil our original vision of supplying the highest quality motorcycle accessories, so that millions around the globe can enjoy the pleasures of adventure touring on motorcycles.